About Us

We are a full-service automotive marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in helping both franchise and independent car dealers sell more vehicles with our proven marketing strategies. We have hand-picked the best digital marketers you can find. 

Our team is highly skilled in delivering outstanding ROIs on both Facebook & Google. The idea is simple: Car buyers are on Facebook, Instagram and Google throughout their buying process, so why not engage them there? We spent years learning the industry from the inside out by working with the most talented people we could find.

The founders of Social Traffic were top-performing car sales executives at Chrysler and Toyota for over 10 years. So when it comes to selling more vehicles we know exactly what dealerships need in today’s market and what it actually takes to be successful.

We’ve worked with dealers of all sizes, including some of North America’s largest dealer groups. We’re here to help you achieve success at the intersection of the automotive industry.

Our Mission

Our mission at Social Traffic Inc. is to help auto dealers thrive during these challenging times and enable them to use digital marketing to connect with their target customers, increase sales, stack up on inventory and most importantly build an unbeatable reputation on Google & DealerRater.

Our marketing experts work closely with our clients to develop a full-funnel strategy and execute it profitably. We always maintain your brand’s consistent identity across all platforms. With us your in good hands!