Facebook Advertising services For Car Dealers

We help you create a seamless shopping experience on Facebook and advertise your inventory directly to in-market car shoppers.

Facebook ad services for car dealers
78% of potential customers who plan to purchase a vehicle within 3 months haven't chosen what dealership they will buy from.

Increase foot traffic with Facebook ad services for car dealers

We provide world-class ad management service so you can focus on what matters most: closing deals. Our Facebook marketing experts will strategically manage your advertising campaign, handling the process from start to finish and generating walk-in traffic in your store. In addition, our Facebook marketing experts will work with you hand in hand to create a customized campaign tailored to your business goals.

We’ll help you define the kind of audience you’d like to reach, place ads in front of those potential customers and maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Turn your inventory feed into Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)

Turn your inventory feed into Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) for efficient campaign performance with our AIA-optimized playbook. On average, ads to an on-Facebook destination reduced cost-per-lead by 82% and cost-per-content view by 17% versus a website destination.
Facebook ad services for car dealers

Offer frictionless shopping experience, drive users to a mobile-optimized VDP on Facebook, and qualify leads in real-time via DealerTraffic or a lead form.

Read More→ about automotive inventory ads (AIA).

Promote Your On-Site Events With Facebook

Our Marketing experts can help you build and create on-site events and promotions for your dealership. We'll boost the event to drive in-person traffic, by targeting a data-driven new audience, along with previous customers from your authenticated DMS data file.

Facebook ad services for car dealers

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Why your dealership needs Facebook

Study shows that 78% of car buyers planning on purchasing a vehicle in the next three months still haven’t picked a car dealer. Therefore, strategic marketing to consumers at different stages in the car shopping process can substantially increase dealer profits.

facebook ad services for car dealers

Facebook's "Why Buy Here" strategy can help you reach new customers, differentiate your business, and plant early seeds. Deliver engaging messages that trigger these consumers to contact you for more information about your car dealership before picking a car.

Facebook's ready-to-buy strategy will help car dealers create more leads and allocate the budget to suitable placements. In addition, dealers can use user data to develop geo-targeting-based audiences based on when customers are actively looking to buy.

It helps dealers go beyond the car search, triggering ads at critical points during their buyer journey with relevant product information. So whether they're in the early stages of car shopping, ready to buy or need an oil change, Facebook helps you get in touch with new customers and build customer loyalty.

Learn More →  about why Facebook Advertising is the most effective platform for reaching automotive consumers.

What Facebook advertising includes

Full-Funnel Ads

Develop Facebook advertising campaigns that reach the right audience.

Geo targeting

Target specific users based on their interests and geographic location.

VIN Specific Leads

Reach in-market buyers searching the Internet for specific vehicle information.

Account setup

Set up and optimize your Facebook business page and your Facebook Ad accounts.

Pixel installation

Tracking pixels allow us to record user activity and analyze your online marketing campaign.

Marketing CRM

World-class CRM, support, and resources to help your business succeed.

Top three benefits

Showcase your dealer’s OEM-specific brand and boost your dealer’s fixed-ops revenue with OEM-specific content that sets your business apart from your competitors.

1. Increases brand awareness

Facebook users spend more than 50 minutes on the site each day. Increased exposure to this audience can help you build awareness and trust for your brand, even if your followers do not click on your ads.

Facebook will determine that your ads are relevant to this audience and deliver them to more people. If your ads are compelling enough to be noticed, they can create a beneficial form of social proof, increasing your brand recognition and giving you additional exposure.

Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely valuable, and if you can promote engaging social media ads, you can increase the reach of your business.

2. Reach qualified leads

Facebook offers you the ability to display your ads to very specific users. This can be done by showing your ads to people based on geographic and demographic factors, age ranges, interests, and more.

Additionally, you can show your ads only to people who have already been connected to any Facebook pages, apps, or events you’re running. You can also create what are called “lookalike audiences” in order to reach people who are similar to your existing customers.

3. Reveals information about your audience

Facebook ads are an essential part of your marketing strategy. They can help you gain valuable information about your audience through analytics.

For example, you can easily see conversion rates and social metrics, and you can review comments to uncover sentiments about your products, services, business, and even your industry.

This allows you to adjust your ad campaigns to reach your target audience and get the most out of your Facebook ad spend.

make up for lost revenue

Important Generic Ad Campaigns

We design advertising playbooks that help dealerships accomplish their business goals. Whether replenishing used vehicle inventory, running service ads or hiring new employees, we develop specialized playbooks for any objective.

Generic Ad Campaigns
Track the Performance
We Offer Easy Done-For-You Dynamic Reporting

Easily monitor your ad performance on Facebook with real-time dynamic reporting. Easily access critical data and Return on Investment from our dashboard.

facebook ad services for car dealers

Aggregate Report

Compare your dealership's Facebook overall stats with other active platforms to better understand your cross-channel ad performance.

Access Full-Funnel Stats

Review full-funnel statistics for your Facebook inventory ads to see how well they perform.

Turn Inventory Into Facebook Product Catalogs

Dive deep into the results of your dealership's ads on Facebook & explore metrics ranging from Impressions to Cost Per Sign Up.

Facebook Ads Manager offers a Facebook Pixel that allows for clarification of marketing results by tracking site visitors and their behaviour. The pixel is a small piece of code added to the header of each page on your website.

The code tracks all website visitors—not just visitors from Facebook, the pages they view, and their actions. The pixel enables advertisers to remarket to website visitors, track and measure leads and purchases, and optimize campaigns for these valuable actions.


When a Facebook advertising strategy involves driving traffic to your website, Google Analytics can help measure performance.

One important question is, how long are visitors staying on the site? Another question is what pages are they viewing, and how many? Are these new visitors or old ones that are revisiting the site? A third question is what percentage of traffic bounces when visiting the site?

Social Traffic Facebook advertising team analyzes information from Google Analytics combined with on-network performance to optimize Facebook advertising campaigns.

Select the right Facebook Advertising plan for your dealership

We have customized services for all business sizes. So whether you’re a big dealer or small, we’ll make sure your business gets qualified leads.


Account Set Up

Pixel setup

Daily Active Management

Daily & Monthly Reporting

Facebook Marketplace

Messenger Bot

Website Chat Widget

DealerTraffic Software

Ad Campaigns




Custom Landing Pages




Retargeting Campaigns




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