Why Facebook?

Facebook Ads can take your sales to the next level by targeting buyers through each stage of their buying process.

Facebook Ads

Increase profitability by targeting in-market auto shoppers with creative and engaging Facebook ads throughout their buying process. Promote new/used inventory, create Reach & Brand Awareness campaigns to differentiate from the competition in your area, and turn your dealership into a profitable enterprise!

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Fully optimized Facebook ad campaigns to reach the in-market auto shoppers at every stage of their buyer journey. Run a variety of ads, from simple notification banner updates that engage prospects on an emotional level all way up to highly customized video commercials explicitly designed for different types of cars and trucks


Lookalike Audiences

Find users who are similar to your customer base and create lookalike audiences.

Re-engaging lost shoppers

Re-engage with the high-value customers that have previously visited your site.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

Exclusive Social Traffic advertising solutions

Utilize Social Traffics’ unique brand-specific advertising campaigns for your dealership’s top new model lines (2022 – 2023). Reach in-market new-car shoppers, grow revenues and improve inventory turnaround.

Facebook Ad services For Car Dealers

Brand Specific Campaigns


Branded Service Ads

Deliver brand-specific content to differentiate your dealership from competitors and generate increased repair & maintenance revenue within your local market.

Turn Inventory Into Facebook Product Catalogs

Quickly pull vehicle inventory and create product advertisements with dynamic templates.

Facebook Pixels
Track your customers, their behaviours and trends to act faster.

Whether your customer is filling out a lead form, scrolling through a carousel or clicking on an ad, Pixels gives you the data and insights to take action.

Pixel tracking technology captures events from a consumer’s initial website visit through mid-funnel events like interacting with a VDP to various conversion forms.

Cross-device tracking helps you measure the impact of your Facebook ads and helps you make better campaign decisions.

All events captured by the system are accompanied by any vehicles associated with the event.

Connecting with users who haven’t purchased from you or engaged with your site within the past 30 days.

Social Traffic's Transparent reporting

 Our real-time reporting tools provide you with access to all of the critical data you need to make informed decisions. Our weekly and monthly reports allow you to quickly evaluate your advertising efforts and make necessary adjustments for maximum impact.


Get the most out of your Facebook ads

Receive detailed reports on key metrics such as impressions, cost per lead and click-through rates. You can use this information and other data points to evaluate how your inventory ads perform on Facebook.