Advertise Your Dealership on instagram

With Instagram ads for auto dealers, you can instantly reach thousands of in-market car shoppers on the world’s largest social media platforms and sell more cars than ever using our unique sales & marketing solutions!


Instagram ads for auto dealers allow you to expand your brand's reach and connect with targeted users.


Capture attention by encouraging users to learn more about your company with effective campaigns.


Turn your leads into customers by employing our proven lead conversion techniques.

Instagram ads for auto dealers

Invest in Instagram advertising ads & boost the engagement rate by 3x.

Instagram Ads for auto dealers are very important for growth because the platform has over 1 Billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily users. As a result, Instagram can be incredibly effective for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, if you want to use Instagram advertising to boost your business, you need a plan. A successful Instagram advertising campaign requires the combination of strategic insights, a creative eye and the time to both implement and monitor progress.

Unfortunately, we understand that many businesses either lack or are unable to use their resources to launch high-performing Instagram campaigns — which is why we’re here to help.

Our Instagram and Facebook advertising services, paired with DealerTraffic, boost car sales by 38%. We stay updated with the latest industry updates, algorithm changes, and best practices to drive results. Our experts can focus on the buyer’s journey stages, from awareness to conversion amongst your crucial target audiences, while staying within your budget.

Our digital advertising agency can use Instagram’s expansive, diverse user base to target the exact audiences you want to reach. Determining location, interests, demographics, and behaviours makes it possible to narrow in on your ideal leads.

We’re excited to work with you every step of the way to design, develop, and deliver Instagram ads that drive results. Contact us now to speak with a strategist. 

What are your goals for advertising on instagram?


Instagram ads for auto dealers allow you to increase brand awareness and reach more customers. 

Instagram enables you to advertise your inventory by focusing on consumers interested in your brand by using specific objectives. There are two main objectives for Instagram advertisements: Reach and Awareness. 

Reach objective is to reach people who fall under your target audience, including those who have yet to be exposed to your brand. 

The objective of brand awareness is to promote content and advertisements that will reach individuals who are likely to form an interest in your business, including the content you produce and the goods and services you sell.

Instagram ads for auto dealers


Your company’s content may have a profound effect on the perception of your brand. If you are sharing informative and enjoyable content, viewers are more likely to notice your business. The following factors can help increase engagement on your social media pages:        

Target audience: Targeting relevant audiences is vital in improving likes and comments on your page. For example, if you’re selling a Honda, only target Honda owners and anyone interested in Honda’s.

Account visibility: The more followers you have and the higher the frequency you post, the more visible your account will be.       

Relationship building: Whether it’s through teaming up with brands that enjoy a similar following or interacting with those who comment on your posts, this helps you build a strong community around your brand.

Conversions ​

To help grow your sales and maximize your business’s revenue, Instagram allows you to create conversion campaigns that drive people to convert to your website by requesting a quote, fulfilling a purchase, or registering for an event.

Website conversions: You can use ads to drive traffic to a landing page where people can register for VIP events.

Store visits: You can encourage people within a certain radius of your dealership locations with lots of walk-in traffic to visit in person by running ads targeted to those locations. 

Six benefits of Instagram service with Social Traffic

Original Posts

Your dedicated social media specialist creates unique Instagram posts for your brand every month.

Professional Images

As part of our Instagram growth services, you will get custom-designed images to make your profile stand out.

Agressive Strategies

Our Instagram advertising services are designed to maximize your target market by engaging with users in your niche.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our social media specialists work closely with you to help you establish and refine a brand on social networks.

Account Audit

Our team takes a comprehensive look at your Instagram account to build a custom strategy.

Daily Monitoring

Your social media specialist monitors your content, engaging with users and responding to their feedback.

Instagram ads for automotive dealers

Our Approach

Your social media manager will start by conducting the following research: 

Competing websites: Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses will help you maintain a competitive edge. It will also help them improve your strategy so that you can outperform the competition.

Brand reputation: A brand reputation analysis is based on real user feedback, which can be a great way to gauge how well your audience responds to your posts. 

Past Instagram content: Looking at your previous Instagram posts can be insightful and inspiring for your account manager. By identifying the kinds of posts that work best for your brand and company, we will have a clear idea of what posts you should post in the future.

After your social media specialist conducts their research, they will share their findings with your team. You’re welcome to provide feedback or additional direction on proceeding with the social media strategy. It’s essential to regularly review content posted on your business profiles to ensure that it operates as an extension of your brand.


Next, your social media marketing expert starts by outlining your goals. This strategy includes several steps:

  • Defining your objectives.
  • Choosing the visual and written assets you’ll use to promote yourself.
  • Establishing a timeline.
  • Creating a contingency plan for when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Your team reviews the proposal. Once everyone has signed off on the program, it’s time to collect all the pieces you need to get started.

We develop up to 15 different posts for your Instagram account each month. These can be photos or videos that showcase your business in the best light. In addition, we craft up to six custom images per week and rotate them among the networks of your choice. 

Using ad campaigns that focus on growing your follower base or increasing engagement, we tailor each campaign to reach your goals for Instagram. 



Cost of advertising on instagram

The cost per click on Instagram varies depending on the number of links, likes, reactions, comments, and shares a post receives. In addition, the cost per click for ads with a destination URL is higher than the cost per click for ads without a destination URL. As a result, the cost per engagement is higher on Instagram than on Facebook but less expensive than on Google’s network.

Get the best Instagram ads for auto dealers in Canada.

Social Traffic offers a full suite of Instagram ads for auto dealers and marketing solutions for you to win. With cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise, and award-winning customer service, we have the tools to make your next campaign a success.

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