Top 5 Car Dealerships Dominating Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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As social media becomes increasingly popular, businesses need to learn how to use it effectively to reach their target consumers. Unfortunately, many dealerships still struggle with social media marketing, but a few have mastered it and are seeing great results.

This blog post will discuss the top five dealerships that have succeeded with social media marketing and learn from their strategies!

  1. Healey Brothers
  2. Peel Chrysler
  3. Della Mazda
  4. Zeigler Cadillac
  5. Don Valley North Toyota

These are the top five dealerships that have taken social media by storm and offer some lessons to learn from:

Healey Brothers

Healey Brothers, a New York-based dealership group, has the social media marketing down to an art form. They have embraced social media marketing platforms to reach a target audience, generate qualified leads and stay ahead of the competition.

Healey Brothers has leveraged Facebook and Instagram marketing to reach their local market by displaying various on and off-Facebook destination inventory and effective ad copies. As a result, they were able to drive traffic to their website and Facebook’s VDP pages, retargeting low-funnel shoppers with lead ads that deliver information directly to the dealership’ CRM.

Social Media Marketing

  • (Results measured 1/01/21 to 1/31/2021)
  • 248,065 In-market customers reached
  • 11,235 Landin page Views (at $0.59 cost per LPV)
  • 204 leads generated all track to Facebook
  • 193 sales match Facebook Campaigns

Their campaign resulted in 193 sales – a conversion rate of over 94%. These results show the power of Facebook as a tool for automotive marketing and underscore the importance of using data-driven strategies to reach potential customers. With the right approach, automotive dealerships can use Facebook advertising to drive significant results for their business.

 Contact us today if you’re looking for similar results for your business. We can help you create a social media strategy that reaches your target audience and drives sales.

Peel Chrysler

Peel Chrysler, located in Mississauga, Ontario, is one dealership that has masterfully harnessed the power of social media. They have consistently posted engaging content for years and run social media ads. As a result, they have built a large following and garnered a reputation as a state-of-the-art dealership.

As Canada’s top Chrysler dealership by volume, Peel Chrysler is constantly working to engage its customers and promote its brand. Currently, the dealership is running 22 ads on Facebook and Google ads and regularly uploading videos to its YouTube channel. 

You can Subscribe to their channel here

In total, these videos have been viewed over 1.9 million times. Through these channels, Peel Chrysler can reach many potential customers and deliver its message engagingly and effectively.

In addition, the dealership’s use of social media helps to create a sense of transparency and trust with its customers. By keeping them informed and involved, Peel Chrysler can build strong relationships that last.

Peel Chrysler has been able to maintain a high output of vehicles month after month, delivering between 250-300 cars on average.

By staying active on social media and creating content highlighting the dealership’s vehicles and services, Peel Chrysler can reach a large audience and keep it’s brand top-of-mind. So Peel Chrysler should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for inspiration to step up your social media game.

Della Mazda

Della Mazda, located in Queensbury, New York, is another great example of a dealership that has mastered social media marketing. They have built a strong social media presence across all major platforms and use it to drive traffic to their website.

As an automotive marketing company, we know how important it is to drive traffic to your website and On-Facebook Vehicle Detail Pages. Della Mazda knows this too, which is why they strategized to ensure shoppers could take their preferred path to purchase.

Shoppers were shown a wide variety of ads, from live inventory carousels to eye-catching new unit specials and custom service ads. This not only helped to increase traffic but also helped to convert shoppers into buyers. As a result of their successful marketing campaigns, Mazda has seen a significant increase in traffic and sales. 

social media marketing

  • 61 days of automotive marketing results
  • 89,886 local in-market shoppers reached.
  • 3,899 LPV (landing page views) at $1.54 cost per view.
  • 205 leads tracked to all Facebook ads
  • $29.27 cost per lead.
  • 40 unit sales attributed to viewing or clicking a Facebook ad.

These are extremely positive automotive marketing results that far exceeded expectations for the 61 days analyzed. Having over 89,000 in-market automotive shoppers reach your content is an excellent way to increase brand awareness for your dealership and generate new leads that can be converted into paying customers.

Additionally, the low cost per view and cost per lead indicates that this 61-day automotive marketing campaign was efficient in its use of resources and achieved an excellent return on investment.

Finally, the fact that 40 automotive units were sold directly from this campaign shows that it was highly effective in meeting its goal of driving sales. Overall, these automotive marketing results are very impressive and provide valuable insights into what strategies are most effective in reaching and converting automotive shoppers into customers.

Zeigler Cadillac of Schaumburg

Zeigler Cadillac of Schaumburg is a dealership that understands the importance of social media marketing. Through their social media channels, they are able to reach a large audience and promote their brand effectively.

The dealership uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay connected with its customers and followers. They regularly post updates about new vehicles, specials, and events on Facebook. They also use Twitter to share news and announcements with their followers. And on Instagram, they share beautiful photos of their vehicles and showroom. The dealership is running 60 Facebook ads and a very successful buyback campaign that generated:

  • 23,241 shoppers.
  • 376 Landing page views at $1.60 cost per view
  • generated qualified 62 leads at $9.72 cost per lead.
social media marketing

In other words, their social media marketing strategy campaign was highly successful in both reach and conversion. This is just one example of how Zeigler Cadillac of Schaumburg is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to automotive marketing. With a deep understanding of Facebook marketing, they are able to craft campaigns that generate real results.

Don Valley North Toyota

Don Valley North Toyota, located in Toronto, Ontario, is another dealership with social media marketing down to a science. The team at Don Valley North Toyota creates social media posts that are not only informative but also visually appealing.

This helps the dealership stand out from its competitors and grab the attention of potential customers scrolling through their feed. In addition, the dealership uses a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube, to reach as many people as possible.

Prepandmic sales DVP Toyota have seen 300 or 400 units monthly. Currently, the dealership is running six high-performing Facebook ads and is heavily invested in Google ads and its online reputation.

social media marketing

Interestingly, Don Valley North Toyota is part of the Weins group that also offers a “Weins Rewards” program where customers can earn rewards for completing certain social media tasks such as writing a review or sharing a post. This is a great way to incentivize customers to stay engaged with the dealership’s social media accounts.

Rewards benefit Program Includes:

  • 10% On Qualified Purchases!
  • Vehicle Return Privilege Debt Relief Protection!
  • FREE Detailing & Gift Certificates!
  • Members-Only Promotions!
  • Complimentary Car Washes!

Don Valley North Toyota’s social media strategy is working, as the dealership was recently ranked the #1 volume seller in Canada. If you’re looking for inspiration to take your social media marketing to the next level, Don Valley North Toyota is a great example.

Although social media marketing can be difficult, the dealerships in this blog post have shown that it is possible to achieve great results. If you are looking for a successful social media strategy, you should look to these dealerships as inspiration.

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