About Us

We’re a social media advertising and automotive lead generation company that offers innovative solutions specifically designed to help dealerships thrive on social media.

The idea is simple: Car buyers are on Facebook, Instagram and google throughout their buying process, so why not engage them there? We spent years learning the industry from the inside out by working with the most talented people we could find.

 We pride ourselves on offering the up-and-coming generation of car sales professionals a chance to grow their careers and make a name for themselves. Our founders were top-performing car sales executives at Chrysler and Toyota, so we know exactly what type of leads dealerships are looking for.

We’ve worked with dealers of all sizes, including several of North America’s largest dealer groups. We’re here to help you achieve success at the intersection of the automotive industry and social media.

Our Mission

Our mission at Social Traffic Inc. is to help auto dealers use digital marketing to connect with their target customers, increasing sales. Our specialists will work with you to develop a strategy and execute it, maintaining your brand’s consistent identity across all platforms.


Bring Innovation to Your Dealership

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business.